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Battlefield returns: Here’s what’s new in the highly awaited Battlefield V

DICE did it again, the new Battlefield V managed to gather hype and it’s looking to be the best the series has to offer, so here’s what we know about the changes so far


During a live event held by EA and streamed on both Twitch and Youtube, the next installment in the Battlefield franchise was revealed to be the next step from 2016’s Battlefield 1 and its WW1 depiction. Now, get ready for the series’ return to WW2 in Battlefield V, almost 15 years since the last time it did so.

The event lasted around 3 hours and it contained many new details about game systems and settings. Developers described Battlefield V as a “dream come true” for the series, as it presents WW2 in the most advanced technical way yet.

The campaign follows BF1’s route in telling war stories, with player choices affecting scenarios this time around. As for multiplayer, we will be seeing some new modes along series stables, including 64 players Grand Operations Mode where 64 players are pit into three to four matches of different objectives. Fans will also be happy to hear that Co-op is back, as BFV introduces randomly-generated missions playable in 4-players Co-op.

All of that is great, but the biggest surprise came in the way of the game’s business model. It seems that Battlefield V won’t have any locked-behind-paywall maps, which means no Premium Pass for the first time in a long time. Any edition of the game will give you access to everything it has to offer, and microtransactions will only provide cosmetics that weren’t discussed beyond not giving advantage whatsoever gameplay-wise.

Here’s a list of new changes to be found in BFV:

  • No more auto health regen, spawning in with limited ammo, if you want health and ammo; you have to go and pick it up from a bag yourself.
  • Big changes for revival system: You can now body revive players in Battlefield V. If you are not a medic you can carry a down teammate towards the medic. You can actually body revive downed players without being a medic. Putting you into a locked animation, which takes a long time, per the developers. Does not bring player back to full health. Body revive is only done with squad.
  • You can throw back grenades, catch them in the air, you can tow vehicles to key locations and then fortify them to make a choke point.
  •  .Fortifications in Battlefield V can be used and built by any class. Support can setup quicker including machine guns. Sandbags, tank stoppers, trenches, foxholes, etc.
  •  .You can now dolphin dive back snipe.
  • Many other changes including vehicles and others

You can watch the new reveal trailer below. Battlefield 5/V releases October 16 for PC, Xbox One and PS4. an Open Beta is on the way in June 9, so mark your calendar.

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