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Between promising successes and hopeful ambitions.. an interview with AWz eSports

Arab esports is one of the most ambitious new markets. Over the past few months through 2018, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of supporters and fans from official to independent organizations over the past few months. AWz eSports team was one of the new teams that got into the spotlight recently, and we had the chance to sit a bit with them to talk about their endeavors



  • First, I would like to welcome you here with us and i’d like to ask you to introduce your team to our audience. What is AWz eSports?

Hello, AWz eSports team is a section of which is a website interested in all competitive games, writing news, articles and organizing tournaments with special content.

  • Your team is relatively new but it has been able to achieve a number of wins, especially in the famous game Overwatch and more. Can you talk to us briefly about your competitive career so far in all the games and titles you had participated in?

The team started a few months ago, and thankfully we were able to qualify for the Saudi Arabian Offshore Championship and reach the top seven teams in the Middle East. The team won the FIFA World Cup local tournament, and won Rainbow Six Siege ESL event, Our players in Fortnite and Rainbow Six Siege are among the best rated in Saudi Arabia.

  • How do you search for players representing your organization in competitions? Are there certain tests to pass and what levels are you looking to adopt and develop in your team?

There is a link on our website for those who are interested in an esports team where you can fill the required data, those at professional levels only can represent the team and help spread the name of the team in the best possible way in all respects.

  • What are the biggest difficulties you have encountered so far in establishing your organization? Do you see that official recognition has helped similar institutions to operate better?

The presence of active players is something rare and a bit difficult especially in this field, but with the presence of friends more than being players is essential and important to our team, official recognition is important and we hope for it to happen soon because it will bring a radical shift and more enthusiasm for the teams already known and those emerging in the future.

  • How do you view Arab esports now? What areas can be improved to reach a better level in your opinion?

Much better than the previous years. 2018 is considered one of the best years. There is material support from the companies supporting the players and every Arab team tries to support players in ways and the spirit of sport to compete in eaports competitions in general, whatever the outcome was a win or lose.

  • A final word for your followers and social media channels to follow up on your latest news

AWz eSports will try to develop the level of esports in the Arab region and make an excellent effort with better content always in different games.

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