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Big hit for many mid champions in League of Legends with patch 9.2

Riot is planning to nerfs many Mid Lane champions in the game with upcoming new patch 9.2, according to the latest PBE update.



We will start with Galio, after many videos about Galio one-shotting someone with his Q. In most cases there are staged a little bit and the champion doing the one-shotting is several levels and items ahead of the victim. But in Galio’s case, he doesn’t actually need much of an advantage to nuke someone with his Q, and for such an easy ability to land, that’s a problem.


The nerf is to the ability’s AP scaling, which is good, as most Galio players nowadays build nothing but AP, AP, and more AP. Now, rather than dealing 1.33 percent of the target’s maximum health per 100 AP, it will deal 0.66 percent per 100 AP. That’s significantly less damage, and its mana cost is even going up as well, but that’s not quite as dramatic a change.


Kassadin’s base armor and armor per level are both going down, which should make him more vulnerable to AD mid laners. That’s good, as he’s supposed to be a mage counter, but AD champions haven’t really been a clear counter to him.


The nerf will lowering the damage and cool down of her Miasma. Since she doesn’t max that ability really ever, it’s not as potent a nerf as it could have been, but it’s still significant.


The percentage of maximum health damaged by his passive was lowered from four to three percent, which isn’t a major amount unless you have a lot of health. Still, it adds up as the game goes on, and can result in a lot of lost damage for Brand throughout an entire game.

All these changes should arrive tomorrow with new Patch 9.2.

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