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Big hit for Riven and many champions in League of Legends with patch 9.10

Riot is planning to nerfs many high win rate champions including Riven and more with upcoming patch 9.10.



Riven has been one of the most-played champions in the top lane over the past few patches, while also boasting one of the highest win rates in the role as well. Many League of Legends players have been asking Riot Games to nerf or adjust her in some sort of way, and with upcoming Patch 9.10, their wishes might be granted.

David “Repertoir” Capurro, the lead live gameplay designer for Riot, has explained what the team is planning to work on in the next patch. He outlined changes to Riven, Vayne, Master Yi, the Runic Echoes jungle item enchantment, and some general champion, item, and rune tuning.

Riven and Vayne have been powerful for a string of patches, but we didn’t think their performance was absolutely out of line for the game,” Repertoir said. “Riven and Vayne are both strong and commonly frustrating, even if their performance isn’t crossing critical thresholds.” As a result, Repertoir said that the team prefers to “address that disparity in longer-form work.”

As for Master Yi, Riot plans to address why he’s so much more effective at lower MMR, while losing his effectiveness the higher you climb on the ladder.

We are waiting for the new changes arrive with upcoming patch 9.10 after two weeks.

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