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Big Teams facing the elimination danger in Dream League S11 Major

16 teams from the world’s best teams traveled to Stockholm to compete in the Dream League Season 11 for the Dota Pro Circuit title as Major and a large share of  $ 1,000,000 prize and 15,000 Qualifying Points for the world championship “The International 9”.

The group stage matches been played and concluded at the 14th – 15th of March, Announcing the start of the dangerous phase for the Stockholm Major, Dream League Season 11 ,The playoffs, Here teams will be playing to survive the road of the Lower Bracket under the elimination danger if any loss where to happen or keeping yourself safe by winning as much as you can in the Upper Bracket road and if you lose you are not eliminated.. you can continue the competition but from the lower bracket.

The Upsets start here as we see Team Liquid being eliminated at an early stage of this Major, After Liquid’s failure of advancing as top seed of their group stage, they played the Round 1 of the lower bracket and lost it 0:1 to Team Chaos E.C. Which shows why this lower bracket is dangerous and never going to be a good choice for anyone no matter how skilled they are.

Talking about the big names being eliminated .. We still have a really bunch of big names here in the lower bracket harsh road and this is an indication that more upsets will be coming to some of the fans while others will be happy watching a great match of their favorite team winning, the road will be hard for the other teams since we still have Team Secret , Ninja’s In Pajama’s , Evil Geniuses and even the number one team last year in terms of Qualifying Points Team fighting to survive the lower bracket elimination trying their last hope of reaching the final match.

Are we going to witness another cool Lower Bracket road bounce-back to be the champion of this Major title, or is it going to be a stable well deserved win from one of the upper bracket rulers.

Dream League Season 11 – The Stockholm Major prize :
1st place : 350,000$ + 4950 DPC point/Qualifying Points.
– 2nd place : 170,000$ + 3000 DPC point

3rd place : 100,000$ + 2100 DPC point
4th place : 80,000$ + 1350 DPC point
5th – 6th place : 60,000$ + 900 DPC point
7th – 8th place : 40,000$ + 450 DPC point
9th – 12th place : 15,000$ + 150 DPC point
13th – 16th place : 10,000$ + 75 DPC point

Dream League Season 11 is the third Major League Championship for the current DPC season, involving 16 teams. With a $ 1,000,000 and 15,000 qualification prize on the line, the tournament will take place from March 14 to 24 March.

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