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Blizzard CEO speaks about Esports role in his company

In a lengthy interview with one of the most iconic people in the gaming industry, Blizzard’s CEO talked about the company’s past 25 years and all the challenges they faced until the recent day, where Esports play a central role in the company’s strategies.

Blizzard became one of the flagships of online gaming starting with Warcraft series all the way through Heroes of the storm and Hearthstone. According to Mike Morhaime it’s one of the priorities of the company recently to design its games around the concept of competitive play, and they’re currently investing more in it.

Morhaime also spoke about the challenges that face the spreading of Esports to a wider audience, in which he said:

“One of the challenges is to really humanize it, to let people get to know the players more. That’s where you start forming an attachment to people, finding people to root for. The Olympics does this really well. A lot of Olympic sports aren’t that popular, but when the Olympics comes around, they do such a good job of telling you these human stories about the athletes. It gives you an appreciation for what they’re able to accomplish. They can tell you a great story around the competition. We need to get better at that.”

You can read the full interview here. Blizzard recently celebrated 25 years of support and love from fans and released a special video for that.

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