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The Blue Essence will return to the League of Legends Store soon

In a surprise for all fans the Blue Essence will return to the League of Legends for the third time in a row to celebrate this year’s midseason.



It will offer a large amount of items for players to sink their hard-earned Blue Essence (BE) into. The event this year will start on Nov. 20 at 1pm CT and will run until 1am CT on Dec. 4.

URFWICK, one of the rarest skins in League, returns as the main highlight of the sale. The skin is only available during the Blue Essence Emporium event and always returns to the Vault afterwards. You can grab the skin before Dec. 4, providing you have a heart-attack inducing 150,000 BE saved up.

Most of the items on offer in the store were available in the last two Essence Emporium stores. These include:

  • 1,500 BE – Mystery icons (Does not include esports icons, may contain Mystery Mini Icons).
  • 2,500 BE – Mystery Mini icons, series one and two.
  • 4,900 BE – Mystery wards.
  • 6,000 BE – Essence Collector Ward.
  • 50,000 BE – Make It Rain Emote.
  • 50,000 BE – Gemstone + Gemstone Knight Icon.
  • 75,000 BE – Moneybags Emote.
  • 75,000 BE – Gemstone + Gemstone Prince Icon.
  • 100,000 BE – Gemstone + Gemstone King Icon.
  • 150,000 BE – URFWick skin.

As with all previous stores, there are a bunch of new items that have been added this year. This include Midseason chromas for 2,000 BE—that’s any chroma skins released from 2015 to 2018.

There is also a new line of Mystery Mini icons for sale for 2,500 BE each. These new icons include Sona, Master Yi, Kayle, Ashe, Alister, Vladimir, Shen, and Evelynn. There is also an Essence Emporium exclusive Baron Hat Poro Icon for 4,000 BE this year.

Just like with previous years, Summoner Name Changes, Rune Pages, and XP boosts are all 50 percent off during the sale, so there is definitely something for everyone.

The Blue Essence Emporium set to be start from 20 Nov to 4 Dec.

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