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China Number One: Here’s PUBG PGI 2018 final results and winners

After hearing it for so long, it seems that China is finally really number one, with Chinese organization Oh My God (OMG) being the crowned champions of the First Person Perspective tournament to close out the PGI 2018 PUBG Global Invitational in Berlin


The FPP event boasted half of the $2 million prize pool, with the other half already dished out for the Third Person Perspective event completed on July 26, won by S. Korean team Gen.G Gold. There was some form of a breakfor the professional teams on Friday July 27, with top streamers taking part in the $1 million Charity Showdown tournament, featuring Ninja, shroud and DrDisRespect. The event ended with the team of Gen.G Gold players and Evermore taking the first place and $600,000 to spend on charity of their choice.

When the teams got back to action for the FPP tournament, there was still another million dollars on the line, with favorites Team Liquid looking to improve upon their second place finish in the TPP event. But it wasn’t to be for the top EU/North American side, as they once again came up just short, finishing runners up once again, pipped by another Asian side to the top spot.

OMG, best known for their League of Legends team, came out on top after the first day of matches, and continued their hot run on championship Sunday, to secure first place. It was still an all around successful weekend for Team Liquid, as well as European team “Welcome to South Georgo”, who took third place in both events.

FPP Final Placements

Place Team Prize
1st Oh My God $400,000
2nd Team Liquid $160,000
3rd Welcome to South Georgo $100,000
4th Na’Vi $60,000
5th Avangar $35,000
6th Ghost Gaming $35,000
7th Honey Badger $20,000
8th Pittsburgh Knights $20,000
9th Gen.G Gold $10,000
10th Refund Gaming $10,000
11th Gen.G Black $10,000
12th Chiefs ESC $10,000
13th Team Gates $5,000
14th Four Angry Men $5,000
15th Crest Windfall $5,000
16th Crest Xanadu $5,000
17th ahq ESC $2,500
18th Savage Esports $2,500
19th Oyun Hizmetleri $2,500
20th MiTH E-Sports $2,500

TPP Final Placements

Place Team Prize
1st Gen.G Gold $400,000
2nd Team Liquid $160,000
3rd Welcome to South Georgo $100,000
4th Oh My God $60,000
5th Pittsburgh Knights $35,000
6th Gen.G Black $35,000
7th MiTH Esports $20,000
8th Ghost Gaming $20,000
9th Chiefs ESC $10,000
10th Na’Vi $10,000
11th Savage Esports $10,000
12th ahq ESC $10,000
13th Four Angry Men $5,000
14th Crest Xanadu $5,000
15th Honey Badger $5,000
16th Avangar $5,000
17th Oyun Hismetleri $2,500
18th Crest Windfall $2,500
19th Refund Faming $2,500
20th Team Gates $2,500
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