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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive newest patch introduces Danger Zone Battle Royale mode, game now free to play

The newest update came as surprising as ever, and it might have the biggest impact on the game in years. For starters, the game is now completely free to play, in addition to the new Battle Royale game mode which puts Valve’s shooter in the same league as PUBG and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4



The new mode, called Danger Zone, is a fast-paced Battle Royale built on the famous CS: GO style, where players will have to use their wits, skills and tools to reach the top, according to the official description on the game’s page.

The new mode includes a battleground called Blacksite that is fit for up to 18 players, where they compete to find items they can use as with other BR games such as PUBG. One of the different features is every player has a tablet that shows important info about surroundings to make a decision whether to fight close enemies or plan different strategies. The game begins by choosing an entry point for Blacksite Arena, so that the player will explore their secrets afterwards and prepare to fight the other players. The player will also be able to complete various missions for prizes, such as rescuing hostages.

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To celebrate the launch of the new mode, which we have heard many rumors about for the past few months, CS: GO has been made completely free. Although it was made free earlier this year but it was limited to play against Bots, while you will be able to access all features this time. In a strange move from the Valve, you will be able to pay money for Prime Features as well as Drops for Skins and Crates. The impact of this move on the competitive society of the game remains unknown until now.

You can download the new update from now weighting at approximately 800 MB. We recommend that you do this as soon as possible to take advantage of the limited offer that rewards Prime Status owners with a new Skin called Souvenir MP5-SD | Lap Rats. A new case called the Danger Zone Case has been launched and contains 17 Skins from the game community designs as well as new rare Knives.

Have you tried Danger Zone yet? Tell us your experience and be sure to participate in the development of the new mode by sending bugs to the dev team. Is Battle Royale the thing CS: GO needed to get back to the top? That’s what we’ll see soon.

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