CS: GO player uses Aimbot, causes his team to be disqualified from their most important tournament

Indian player Nikhil “forsaken” Kumawat has learned his lesson in a harsh way after his teammates were eliminated from eXTREMESLAND Asia for his usage of an Aimbot in one of his most important games in his career

Viewers of the OpTic India and Revolution match at the $100,000 EXTREMESLAND Asia Awards were surprised by the sudden suspension of competition for more than 20 minutes due to organizers’ suspicion that one player was acting in a strange way. When they asked “forsaken” to move away from his PC to be checked, the OpTic India member showed strong reluctance and tried pressing Alt + Tab to try to close the cheat program quickly before anyone sees it.

Of course, this was further evidence of the player’s involvement in the controversy, and therefore the game was terminated immediately and the win went to Revolution while OpTic was removed from the competition. Jesal Parekh, the organization’s global development officer, announced that all relations with Kumawat had been cut off immediately, and you could imagine the reaction of his angry teammates having to exit the tournament.

“We want to apologize to all the other teams and organizations involved. It is unfair for everyone involved. We also want to apologize to our country and to the fans who have supported us. This will be a big setback for the country, and it is really unfortunate that one selfish person is capable of causing this,” he said. “I want to make it very clear that the other four players had no knowledge of this and would never have agreed to even play if there was even the slightest hint of it.”

However, OpTic India had already retired all players, although they admit to not been involved. This comes after the team won the ESL India Premiership 2018 last fall and reached the quarter-finals of the Toyota Masters SEA Qualifiers.

This is not the first time that Kumawat has been the focus of scandals. ESL India banned him last year from ESL for two years after discovering his ownership of the “rektmao” VAC’d account. Kumawat claimed at the time that he had sold the account in the past and that he was not the person who cheated, but it’s still considered a breach of Valve and ESL rules.

You can watch the video that made the organizers suspect the player here, where Aimbot’s effect is evident when he shoots one of his enemies behind an obstacle he can not see behind.

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