Skadoodle decides his definite fate as a CS: GO player

The most famous sniper in the CS game: GO will hang his keyboard and mouse but this time permanently, according to the announcement of the winner of the championship ELEAGUE Major to smash the hearts of fans

According to Cloud9, Tyler’s “skadoodle” Latham has come to an end with the decision to retire, leaving CS: GO behind. The departure of “skadoodle” will mark the end of a generation for fans of the team, joining former teammates “Shroud”, “n0thing” and “Stewie2k”.

The departure of the player is no surprise. “Skadoodle” wanted to stop competing early this year before returning to the team for a short time to come to us now with its final decision to focus on the content industry and take the live broadcast career, as did his colleagues Shroud, n0thing “.

With the departure of “skadoodle” from the likes of North America, Will “RUSH” Wierzba, Tim “autimatic” Ta, Robin “Flusha” Ronnquist and “Mikil” golden “Selim will remain in the current CS: GO, while not yet disclosed By the organization for the fifth player who will fill the void created by “skadoodle” in the AWPer team site.

We wish the best for the beloved player in his future career, and we will not forget the best moments he gave through the tournaments that he has participated with a number of configurations known Cloud9 since joining in 2015.

Sam Edge

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