SuperNova CS:GO Malta results so far : Hellraisers still on the top

Counter strike new event SuperNova CS:GO Malta started out yesterday, with the gathering of eight elite teams from around the globe, and today we’ll handle you the latest results.

After a closely-fought Overpass brawl, TYLOO have defeated BIG 16-14 to reach the Group B winner’s match at the Maltese event.

NRG have moved on to the SuperNova CS:GO Malta Group A winner’s match by beating Kinguin 19-16 on Train.

HellRaisers are through to the Group B winners’ match after beating Gambit 16-9 on Dust2.

Liquid have booked their spot in the Group A winners’ match at SuperNova CS:GO Malta following a 16-10 victory over on Mirage.

HellRaisers have beaten TYLOO 2-0 in the Group B winners’ match to secure a playoff berth at SuperNova CS:GO Malta (16-11 on Dust2 and 16-5 on Mirage).

Liquid came from behind to beat NRG 2-1 and seal passage to the semi-finals at the SuperNova CS:GO Malta.

Here’s all the teams statues in the event so far :

Group A :

  1. Team Liquid
  2. NRG
  3. Kinguin

Group B :

  1. HellRaisers
  2. TYLOO
  3. BIG
  4. Gambit


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