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CS: GO star Juliano speaks on male vs female in the eSports scene

One of the main advantages of esports is that it is not limited to a specific type of competitor, whether it is age, gender, shape or belief, but professional player Juliano thinks that the female competitive arena needs more support. but it may not be that simple



Former Team Secret star and Besiktas Esports captain Julia “Juliano” Kiran responded to criticism for the disappointing performance at DreamHack Rotterdam, which put the best CS: GO women’s team in a mixed competition with male teams, where AVANGAR defeated “Juliano” team without much effort.

Although female competitions have repeatedly shown us high level of professional performance with teams such as Besiktas, CLG Red, Copenhagen Flames and Dignitas, the defeat of Juliano’s team on three maps against AVANGAR has attracted several negative comments we have always seen about the difference in the level between male and female in competitive games such as CS: GO.

“It is scientifically proven that mens brain have a better hand-eye coordination and faster decision making so idk why people keep using this “it’s not physical” excuse all the time. It’s an uphill for us aswell besides being so few trying. Men should support women much more.”Juliano spoke on her Twitter account.

One of the studies supporting Juliano came from Columbia University under the name of “A Brain Divided”, where the preference of men when it comes to hand-eye coordination in decision-making, as well as a sense of direction and precise muscle movements.

Juliano went on to say that the chances of competing against men’s teams are really low, and that the idea of ​​being in a mixed team is not even considered, saying that male players themselves continue to reject the idea with little acceptance of female players in the professional level of CS: GO.

“i have been in this scene for a long time and even at my peek when i could compete with men, i was told from some pro/semi-pro that some guys in a team didnt want to play with a girl. And this is how it was, believe it or not. Ive always said that the key is mixed teams.”Professional Besiktas relay

Another problem facing the game professionals is the lack of respect for the pro females, which is not only comes from male players, but extends to the community of fans of the game where girls face a double-edged sword where they’re pushed to compete against males to prove their level, but they are soon talked badly after they fail.

So, what’s the solution? Paying more attention to the women’s arena will certainly make girls more encouraged to compete, as well as raising the prize pool which is so little compared to male’s competitions. The idea of ​​mixed teams may also be a good idea, but it can be difficult to implement them at the moment. Whatever the solution, further encouragement is something that we all want to see very soon.


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