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Everything you need to know about CS:GO new update

Valve has decided to launch a new update to the professional shooting game CS:GO, or as its full name, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and its great popularity in the world of electronic sports as it forms a significant part of the professional sport activities and the big financial prizes it offers.


These continuous updates may come as a kind of interest Valve shows to fans and lovers of this game, to make it a better area to play and have fun and certainly to compete and challenge.

New update focuses on many important aspects, such as the Overwatch Anti-cheating system, in which the players community can see recordings of a suspicious player and judge what they see to be banned or exempted.

Other modifications include barter and stock management, and how to deal with temporary and rare offers that appear for a short time.

Initially, the Overwatch system was expanded to include a new penalty to the list of possible negatives by the cheater, and the new addition to the list concerns the non-participation of long-term matches.

There are of course adjustments to the inventory feature of the game, and you can now find out the source of a gift unknown to you thanks to the appearance of the name of the person who sent it, in addition to this was solved some of the problems of inventory that prevented the abolition of the selection of a weapon from the interface of weapons in stock to load it to the list of weapons available To buy in the main game during the game, and also revealed a special label for barter limited, and will keep the player directly on the possibility of selling it with its own weapons if this is possible in the market service Steam.

Other adjustments take us to the game store and show that from now on you will receive limited or temporary offers for each user running the game, plus confirmation that they will be renewed once one of these special offers is sold.

Update CS:GO or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has a host of other features and modifications. There are simple tweets on the way messages, servers or servers work in the game, and a problem resolution that sometimes appears on some servers within the game “CL_ReadPreserveEnt: u.m_nNewEntity == MAX_EDICTS”. Finally, the latest amendment mentioned the expansion of the possibility of receiving data from game servers in Tianjin City of China.

You can read the official file of the comprehensive notes in the new update here, but of course we are worth mentioning all the information in the above.

Valve has launched a major update to the game in August, which was tested by trial versions before fully launching in mid-August, and then modified the five-seveN pistol and its accuracy in addition to ending the problem known earlier in the games, You can read this in detail in previous news.

The company hopes to mitigate the many cheating activities in CS:GO, especially since July has been a record of a ban on the game as we discussed earlier.

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