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CS:GO receive a new update that adds more improvements

Many fixes and improvements

Valve launched a new update for its popular shooter CS:GO yesterday,  and with it came many general fixes and improvements to the game.


Perhaps the most notable change from this update is the new restriction system “As an onboarding experiment, some new users will be restricted to Casual and/or Deathmatch until they reach Private Rank 2”.

Dust 2 map received a “Fix for VPhysics Displacement bug” and the same fixes were applied to Nuke who also got a fix for Bombsite B “Removed invisible collision that could block shots between ramp and toxic on Bombsite B”.

Other patch notes include changes to Vertigo including:

-Bombsite A:
–Removed forklift at bottom of lower A ramp
–Tightened doorway leading to lower A ramp slightly
–Closed gap in wooden fence by A site crane
–Added new side-path from scaffolding to A site
–Made scaffolding wider
–Removed lower exit from scaffolding
–Closed one of the exits from CT elevator room to A site
–Moved drywall stack in exit from elevator room to A site
–Widened tall cover on A site

-Bombsite B:
–Widened entrance to B site from CT spawn
–Added blockers to ends of outer walkway around B site

You can read the full update notes here.


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