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CS:GO receive huge new update with changes to Nuke and more

CS:GO has received a new update that is supposedly now available to all game owners and has come with a host of major tweaks.


The recent beta update, that included significant changes to Nuke and a new type of a neck hitbox, went live in the most recent CS:GO patch.

Last week’s Beta version of CS:GO is now live, changing the lower site on Nuke significantly. The biggest differences are that the vents no longer go straight into the B site, instead leading to the stairs near double doors, and that the toxic room has been completely removed.

A significant change has also been made to the way headshots work when firing at someone from behind. Valve has now added a neck hitbox, which will “make it more intuitive to tell when an attack from behind will result in a headshot”. Bullets that hit the neck hitbox first but would also go on to penetrate the head hitbox, now count as a headshot, when they would be counted as a body shot in previous versions of the game.

Among other changes, Valve has also made picking up weapons using the “use” key more reliable and lowered the volume of ambient sounds on Overpass, including the sound of the train that passes through the map.

The full changelog for the 5/21/2018 patch can be found here.



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