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Danes have done it: Astralis into CS: GO history books with Major win

When Team Liquid stopped the Danish team’s impressive winning streak in CS: GO, we thought it might be the end of the “gla1ve” and co era, but Astralis’s return to the top has turned the tables at Berlin Major

That’s right, Liquid’s short-term reign may already be over, as the team considered by many to be the best ever returned to the top of the standings, thanks to a massive win in StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 against AVANGAR in the final to enter history from its widest doors.

Astralis’s victory over a relatively new team like AVANGAR may not be spectacular in itself, but the Danes’ revenge against Liquid in the quarter-finals and winning the team’s fourth Major title is an achievement in itself, making Astralis the first team to achieve four CS: GO major tournaments in the game history.

Not only that, but the European players have also reached the top three five times out of seven major tournaments they have participated in, making them the most dominant team so far.

As for the event itself, AVANGAR showed applause-worthy performance for bravely standing against the Danish force, but this did not change the fact that the vast experience difference between the teams have made quite an impact for Astralis in both maps, Inferno and Dust II.

Total control of the first map with great tactics as usual ensured the champions achieved 12-3 in the first half, continuing their outstanding performance in the second half down to a 16-6 score and a comfortable win. Dust was not really different, and thanks to 23 Kills for Nicolai “device” Reedtz, it all seemed settled when the game reached 16-5 and announced a big $500,000 win for the Danes, while AVANGAR went back home satisfied with second place and a $150,000 prize.

Placement Team Prize money ($USD)
1 Astralis $500,000
2 AVANGAR $150,000
3-4 Renegades $70,000
3-4 NRG Esport $70,000
5-8 ENCE $35,000
5-8 Team Vitality $35,000
5-8 Natus Vincere $35,000
5-8 Team Liquid $35,000
9-11 mousesports $8,750
9-11 G2 Esports $8,750
9-11 CR4ZY $8,750
12-14 MIBR $8,750
12-14 FaZe Clan $8,750
12-14 North $8,750
15-16 Ninjas in Pyjamas $8,750
15-16 DreamEaters $8,750

With this new victory and the records set tonight, it is safe to say that Astralis has written its story in history books as the most dominant lineup at high-level CS: GO scene ever. Whether or not Liquid will come back strongly to grab their first place again or not, we cannot deny that we really enjoy this wonderful competition where the biggest winner here is definitely the viewers.

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