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Dark Souls and The Witcher 3 meet up with this neat Easter egg

Fans of the action RPG top franchises The Witcher and Dark Souls will be very happy with this new easter egg hidden inside the latest expansion for The Witcher 3, Blood and Wine.

There’s no doubt that The Witcher and Dark Souls are the rage nowadays. With both having a third game in the last two years it may seem like they’re competing with each other but this wasn’t the case for CD Projekt RED who went and included a node to Dark Souls inside the expansion. The Witcher franchise itself isn’t a stranger for this kind of easter eggs, as it previously hinted at Assassin’s Creed in TW2.

To reach the Bonfire-reference you need to be doing the Beyond Hill and Dale mission in Blood and Wine main expansion missions, then do the following:

  • Defeat the Cloud Giant boss.
  • Approach the castle but don’t go through the arch.
  • Vault over the railing on the left side as you face into the castle with your back to the boss arena.
  • Drop down to the next ledge and follow the path to a cave.
  • Somewhere in the dark, there’s something you can ignite…

Your reward is both the satisfaction of recognition and a neat level 46 sword – Gesheft. This Relic class weapon offers 20% extra intensity across all signs and has three rune slots. In its base form, it does up to 627 damage. Also, it looks great.

Blood and Wine is now available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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