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Did you know that GTA V is the fifth most expensive entertainment product ever ?

DidYouKnowGaming is a specialized Youtube channel that collects facts and numbers on Video Games. In their latest episode it was mentioned that Rockstar’s technical marvel Grand Theft Auto V costed around $268 million dollars to make.

As we all know that wasn’t a problem for Rockstar, who made all the money back and more in just under 3 days, but it’s still a cool fact about one of the best games made as of now and how much it costs to make blockbuster games these days.

GTA V was topped by the likes of The Dark Knight Rises and Man of Steel which are the most expensive movies made. If we calculate the cost of advertisement as well then GTA V sits at third place on most expensive games in history overall, beat by Destiny and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare2.

Watch the episode below for more interesting facts. If you’re a PC gamer then GTA V will arrive on your platform of choice next week April 14.

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