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Dota 2 newest hero Mars is its first original one since 2016

The hero named Mars is the first all-new Dota 2 addition in years, and here’s the details you need to know for this new Strength hero

Valve surprised the players in late 2016 with an entirety new hero who was players weren’t familiar with in the first generation of the game, and that hero is Monkey King. Now the tradition will continue with Valve revealing the new champion Mars, who raises the number of heroes to 117 available to play.

The new hero’s story:

The hero Mars is known for his cruelty and love to fight battles and wars, although there was no reason for them but only for the invasion or revenge, he began to feel that these wars are not enough to satisfy him as in the past, and reached a solution .. Instead of aimless wars, this warrior decided to have a reason for them now, which is to claim his right to sovereignty as a hero of war and burning the greats of his old empire and build his kingdom as a hero of war on the ashes of his relatives.

Characteristics and strengths of the new champion Mars:

The hero is fundamentally strong. The strength of this hero is centered around having a variety of skills, some of which stop the opponent
“Stun” under a certain condition, and having a property that has the mechanism of True Strike, which makes it strong against those who depend on the property of the avoidance of the strikes or “Evasion”, and also has the skill to make the response and reduce damage, making it strong against the strikes “Tank / Durable “To a very large extent exactly as is known for the hero called Bristle Back .. But based on what we saw from the numbers against the physical type is more powerful to bear the above, and finally possess the latest skill, which will be detailed in the skills and characteristics of the new hero at the bottom .

Skills and characteristics of the new champion Mars one by one:

Skear of Mars:

– Damage type: Magical
– Amount of damage: 100/175/250/325
– “Stun” Stop Movement: 1.6 / 2 / 2.4 / 2.8

When the skill is used, the skill of the first champion faces him and pulls him in a straight line to the full range of 1200. If the hero collides with a tree or a building that will be stopped for a period that depends on the level of the skill level – in addition to everything that passes after the pull to the first will be affected As well as damage.

Certain warnings: Be careful when using skill .. This skill can drop the opponent from high place to low place and thus may cause the enemy to escape sometimes, but if you and the opponent in a low place and behind the wall of a high place there is no concern here, but on the contrary you The Beneficiary: As mentioned above, when the hero collides with a building or wall, he is suspended for up to 2.8 years in the fourth level.

God’s Rebuke skill:

– Type of damage: Physical
– Amount of damage: 160% / 200% / 240% / 280% Multiplication multiplier

The skill is very strong and its strength lies not only in the multiplier damage. It also makes it very important to be a true enemy. It is also AoE, which is in a wide place and not just one enemy, but both in the region and within its range of 500.
This is based on the amount of damage that depends on the amount of strength, as this is the basic feature of Mars. The more you have the strength, the more powerful the strike will be, the lower the opponent will come back and we will talk later about what this might be especially useful with his recent skills.

Bulwark skill:

– Reduction of damage when addressing the front: 25% / 40% / 55% / 70%
– Mitigation of damage when addressing aspects: 12% / 20% / 27% / 35%

Simply when you hit the physical type of damage is mitigated by you get the blow and better to be from the front because it is up to 70% .. We had talked about Bristle-Back similar technology, but there is a difference between them
Lies in that Bristle repels both the Magical and Physical types and therefore the rate of his rate of damage is less than the new Mars champion who repels as we mentioned only the physical but very high percentage. As is known for the game each hero has his own strength and strength varies depending on who faces.

Arena of Blood:

Type of damage: Magical
Skill duration: 5/6/7 seconds

This skill packs the opponent into a battleground guarded by the members of the Mars clan where the opponent has no property to jump out of this arena. There is no escaping from the fight of the war hero Mars

If you try to get out, the goalkeeper will hit him with a shot and hit him with 250 hits every time he comes close to the exit so his strength lies in the opponent’s opponent. First and then, by using the rest of the skills, he can be very lethal. As he mentioned in his first skill, he can send you to this guard. The condition (the presence of a building or a tree) will be suspended during this period of 2.8 seconds. Guardians will watch you for the length of your stay, and after the end of the period, he can return you to the wall using his second skill. This is very dangerous and really strong.

In the end it is worth mentioning as the strengths of this hero and that before buying anything at the beginning of the game damage is 62, which is very good in the primitive stages and compete in the lines to take gold from the creeps and also has a shield of $ 3 without buying anything and all this combined with his skill Reducing damage and other skills makes it a strong person and facing it will be difficult for many other heroes in the initial stages and in recent times this kind of strength in the initial stages is very important and a key factor of strength and the establishment of the mid-game as it is said.

Thus we have identified the 117th hero of this beautiful game in terms of the story in general and in terms of his skills and also some of his strengths.

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