Evil Geniuses qualified to the quarterfinals at DOTA 2 Kuala Lumpur Major

With many teams was eliminated from DOTA 2 Kuala Lumpur Major, now we can locating the top eight teams, including Evil Geniuses, TNC Predetor and more.

The first series at playoffs was between Alliance and TNC Predator, TNC tried to establish themselves at the start of the game by focusing on lane control and team fights instead of resource building. And after big play they take the first game. Both teams tried vastly different strategies in the second game but this odd variety of switching caused some frustration for the Filipinos in the early stages. And again TNC closed this series with 2-0 Just after 48 minutes.

The second series of the day featured paiN X trying to avoid the same fate as paiN’s main team against Vici Gaming. Their initial strategy was similar to what TNC tried to do in the previous series, but to very little effect. The lanes were blown open after a few minutes of stalling and the Chinese team took control from there and take the first game of the series. Game two was a different story, showing that Vici wasn’t even allowing paiN the slight possibility of a third game. And they tooke the second game too, but Vici moved into the next round while the second paiN team was eliminated from the event.

Series three was the first of the day to go the full three games between Fnatic and J Storm, but it wouldn’t be the last. Fnatic looked completely outmatched in their loss to Virtus the previous day and their showing in game one against J Storm didn’t alleviate any worry. It was a 55 minute brawl that had no clear leader throughout most of the match. J Storm managed to pile on some kills late while Fnatic was spread a little thin, leading to a 1-0 advantage heading into the next game. Game two was even closer, even ending with both teams leading in different categories. Fnatic came out on top after winning a pair of team fights late in the match. Tied 1-1, J Storm wanted to continue their miraculous run by beating another favored team, but it wasn’t in the cards. Fnatic pulled ahead early and continuously one-upped any attempts from J Storm to shake things up. With Fnatic’s win, there was only set of matches left to settle who would take the final spot in the top eight.

After getting upset by Ninjas in Pyjamas in the Upper Bracket, Evil Geniuses were looking to revive their winning streak against Forward Gaming. EG opened up with a solid first match, holding Forward to 13 kills in 31 minutes. That wasn’t enough to stop Forward from returning the favor in game two. They dominated team fights in the follow up and held EG to a 13 kill total to finish their revenge. The decisive game three was even through the majority of the 47 minute contest, until EG started probing at a few of Forward’s weaknesses. It quickly fell apart from there.

The competition will resume at DOTA 2 Kuala Lumpur Major on 17 Nov, and the broadcast for all matches is available on this Twitch channel.

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