Valve updates the DPC points system for 2019 season

Valve updates the DOTA 2 Pro Circuit (DPC) points system for 2019 season, and that’s for all events will lead to the World championship.

Valve has updated its Dota 2 Pro Circuit points system for the 2018 to 2019 season. Five Majors and five Minors will lead into The International, kicking off in October with the first Minor event followed by the first Major in Malaysia from Nov. 9 to 18.

The Pro Circuit points system will change for the season, with points now earned by teams and not players. Points will not be transferred with players should they switch teams, Valve wrote on the FAQ page on Dota 2’s site. Points are earned by each of the 16 teams playing in the Major and eight teams in the Minor. Majors are worth 15,000 points and Minors worth 500. “Major points scale linearly with total prize pools above $1 million,” Valve wrote.

Twelve teams with the highest point’s totals will get direct invites to The International 2019. Other teams will qualify through regional events. Valve also said that each region will get a minimum of two qualified teams for Majors and one for Minors.

Teams can also qualify for Majors by winning the preceding Minor. “This team will earn either the DPC points for their victory, or their placement in the Major, whichever is greater,” Valve said.

The Kuala Lumpur DOTA 2 Major will kick off 2018 – 2019 DPC season in 9th of November.

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