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DreamHack Masters Malmö 2017 reveal coaching changes

DreamHack officials announced interesting modifications to the upcoming DreamHack Masters Malmö 2017  for the shooting game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


These amendments include new rules for trainers and how they interact with their teams and seem to allow them to communicate more with them at times that were not possible before.

The new rules did not come in response to the opinions and advice of a group of expert trainers in different professional teams, and the laws will also be effective in the rest of DreamHack Open this year in Montreal, Denver and Jönköping.

Here are the most important of these amendments:

  • 4 timeouts per match for 30 seconds each. They can be used as teams see fit. No restrictions per half. Combined with freeze time, teams then have 50 seconds.
  • Timeouts are not stackable and only one can be used at the time of calling a timeout.
  • Coaches can talk for 20 seconds during freeze time.
  • Coaches can talk for 60 seconds during half time.
  • Everyone is muted during technical pauses.
  • Unused timeouts will transfer to overtime.
  • Coaches can talk for 30 seconds in half time going to overtime.
  • Coaches can talk for 30 seconds in half time during overtime.

The DreamHack Masters Malmö 2017 begins on August 30 and ends in early September, with a 16-team fight over a $ 250,000 prize.

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