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DreamHack Masters Malmo witnesses longest match in competitive CS: GO ever

DreamHack Masters, with its new addition in Malmo, has given us a number of surprises, as last week’s champ Evil Geniuses failed to repeat their victory at ESL One New York, but the biggest surprise so far was definitely Fnatic, as they played the longest match in CS: GO’s competitive history against FURIA



There is no doubt that the Swedish team is facing many pressures to return to the level of the old days and compete for titles, but we did not expect this level of fighting spirit, which kept the players going for more than two and a half hours in a game that is the longest in the competitive history of the game, all the way to a result of 34- 32 against their oponnentopponent FURIA.

The challenge took place on Overpass map as the teams fought to reach the quarter-finals to face Ninjas in Pyjamas tomorrow, and the surprise was that it was only the first map of the competition, meaning that the result was not really that decisive to the whole game to facilitate such competitiveness, but that did not prevent the two teams from showing their all trading blows for two hours and 44 minutes, going too many overtimes until we stopped counting.

The win was Fnatic’s at the end, as they confidently advanced to the next map to beat their stubborn opponent one more time, with 16-5 rounds won through Inferno, showing almost total dominance on the second map to advance to the quarter-finals to face Ninjas in Pyjamas, who will do his best to win and get a rematch against Na’Vi in the semi-finals.

As for the rest of the tournament today, Astralis managed to defeat their opponent Vitality by two maps for nothing and qualify for the semi-finals, where the victory was 16-5 at Vertigo thanks to the legendary performance of Nicolai “device” Reedtz and his teammates. The Danes continued their dominance to the second map despite a close 16-14 result.

Mousesports beat Grayhound and reached the quarter-finals with two maps to one, winning against an opponent who miraculously defeated Team Liquid earlier in the tournament.

The quarter-final between NiP vs Fnatic and Vitality vs Mousesports will be played tomorrow, with the winner qualifying to play against Astralis and Na’Vi in the semi-finals (respectively). With both Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid out, we seem to be getting a new champion if the rest of the teams manage to overthrow Astralis, who seems to have re-dominated the scene with their Dreamhack performance.


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