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EA finally responds: Command & Conquer new projects for PC in the work

When was the last time you visited the series, which many consider the spiritual father of the style of military games, Command & Conquer? There is no doubt that when you try to play any of the famous parts such as Red Alert or Generals now it will be a headache for you to because of the difficulty of running those classic masterpieces on modern devices, but EA may solve all of our problems soon


With a number of rumors about EA’s return to the Command & Conquer series again at the 25th anniversary of its release, the announcement at the E3 this past year was an unpleasant surprise and a stab in the hearts of fans who waited years for the return of the strategic chain. With the company unveiling that the new project is Command & Conquer: Rivals, a mini-game for smartphones.

As was expected, this announcement was not made well with a negative reception from the entire community of players representing a huge number of Dislikes on the official game announcement on YouTube. How would it not when the fans have put up with the news of canceling the promising General 2 project a few years ago just to get a game for smartphones now? However, today EA started its plan to fix its relationship with the fans, via the current series director Jim Vesesella.

In an interview with Reddit via the official game forum, Vesesella expressed the intention of the company to return to the classic C & C games again, with Remaster improvements to the most prominent titles that will bring the series to modern systems after a long wait.

“We were exploring a number of exciting ideas for remastering these classic games, and the ball is already rolling on our first project to celebrate 25 years of C & C,” Jim said, referring to a number of upcoming projects at the 2020 event.

To honor the series properly, EA has opened the door to suggestions for fans to choose what they want to see with high precision themselves. you can share the discussion through the Reddit comments. Do we see Red Alert 2 or Zero Hour with high definintion? This is truly a dream come true. With the return of the Commandos series as well, there is no doubt that we are about to relive our memories again very soon.

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