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Echo Fox is no more after destructive controversy takes its toll

The famous Echo Fox organization, which has made a name for its participation in major esports competitions, no longer exists with its investors announcing that operations have officially stopped



The esports organization was founded in 2015 by former NBA star Rick Fox, who has shown his passion for the competitive gaming field repeatedly and has worked hard to build a large organization that exceeds expectations. Unfortunately, one scandal was all it took for everything to collapse earlier this year.

The scandal we are talking about is the dispute between Rick Fox and a former investor, who turned out to have used racist and degrading words against CEO Jace Hall, causing Fox’s displeasure and his desire to formally stay away from the organization as a whole, a decision he later backtracked.

Although the organization’s officials tried to get things back to normal quickly, the scandal was so great that Riot Games intervened and demanded that the organization remove the abusive investor Amit Raizada or sell the spot for Echo Fox in the LCS League, which was followed by several lawsuits that ended with withdrawal from League of Legends and Rick Fox leaving anyway.

Now a few weeks later, one of the representatives of the organization’s investor team spoke to, saying that “all operations have stopped,” stressing that Echo Fox does not exist anymore with all players and staff being laid off, as well as the closure of

Echo Fox had a strong presence in several games, most notably fighting games, with players including Mew2King, MKLeo, dekillsage and of course SonicFox, the best player in history. Unfortunately, the scandal has made it difficult to pay the estimated expenses and salaries of $ 500,000 per month.

Although the organization may return in one way or another, it doesn’t seem feasible at this moment. Even if this is done, Rick Fox himself will not be present this time, after announcing that the relationship with the organization has been severed. This does not mean that Fox has left the field of esports altogether. His passion for this future sport has made him embark on a new journey with Jace Hall, CEO of the social e-sports platform Twin Galaxies, and we’re hoping to see more of him in the near future.


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