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Eight months of development went down the drain when Uncharted 4 writer left

Looks like one of the main reasons that Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is so late was in one way or the other because of Amy Hennig’s deperature from Naughty Dog. The Studio had to redo eight months of work according to the voice actor Nolan North.

“I can’t really say too much about that,” he said, pausing briefly. “But I will.”

“We had shot eight months of her story. And it was all thrown away,” North continued. “The Last of Us guys came in, and you have to understand, new producers, new people, they want to do it. I don’t know what happened exactly. Amy is still a very, very dear friend of mine, and she’s brilliant, but The Last of Us guys were the next team there so they took over and they just wanted their own flavour. They got rid of some of the other people that were involved and just redid their thing.”

Even though the last game of the series will have a different feel from the past games, but North reassured that Uncharted 4 is still true to th story. As for Hennig she’s said to be working on a new unannounced Star Wars title with Visceral Games that will be similar to what we see in Uncharted games.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End comes exclusively to PS4 next year.

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