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Eight more teams join the PUBG Mobile GCC Cup finals as visitors day event comes to an end

Hundreds of visitors attended the opening event to the largest PUBG Mobile competition in the Arab world this evening, witnessing tens of teams joining the battle at Hub Zero, Dubai in their last attempt to seal the last eight seats at the PUBG Mobile GCC Cup finals



The event, which lasted for several hours, saw the participation of many eager teams that did not have the opportunity to qualify via the online qualifiers that took place a few weeks ago, so the competition that was held at the visitors’ day Friday 9th of November was their last resort.

Although all the teams have showcased a high level of professionalism and skill, only eight of them have managed to outperform all the other contenders. The tournament is now ready to kick off the finals stage of the PUBG GCC Cup, which in turn qualifies teams to the PUBG Star Challenge big event, also held in Dubai on November 31.

The following teams were able to score the most points possible, taking into consideration both the team’s ranking in the five matches of the day in addition to the number of Kills obtained by the players:

  • Vipers
  • Team Karma
  • Noobs
  • PifPaf
  • Dark
  • Spectre
  • Brother AFK
  • Warrior

The teams will join the 12 teams that qualified to PUBG Mobile GCC Cup finals in online competitions. A total of 20 teams are going to be competing for the title of the Arab Champions alongside prize money, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 phones and a fully-paid trip for the two teams that make it into the PUBG Star Challenge global competition that has a total prize of $600,000.

  • Arab Madness (Online qualifiers winner)
  • GG_Gamer
  • UAEpro
  • KashmiriKillers
  • Khsteam
  • Leboz
  • TryAgain
  • Powerboost
  • UOB
  • Pitlords
  • Samashes

Tomorrow, Saturday the 10th of November, will see the finals of the Gulf Cup held at Hub Zero in Dubai. If you are planning to attend, you may want to take a look at what you will receive tomorrow if you pre-purchase the PUBG Mobile tickets at the tournament. You can also find out more about the PUBG Star Challenge through the official website.

Good luck to all and see you tomorrow!

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