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G2 Esports steal ELEAGUE Premier lights in the new results

The ELEAGUE Premier Championship this year, or as the ELEAGUE CS: GO Premier 2017, has brought us great fun that we may not have expected so much, but it can be said to be a pleasant surprise and certainly welcome.



The impressive performance shown by the international team FaZe Clan in the tournament is a good indication of the long-awaited revival of the team after the disappointment of their fans in previous tournaments with shameful results that may indicate the loss of concentration in the past, but this is all from the past now after the victories The Renegades lost to their sweeping lead and then put Natus Vincere or Na’Vi aside with a crushing defeat to be the first to reach the playoffs, which we discussed in detail in a previous article.

Not only did they shine in ELEAGUE Premier , but they are the first team in the world, the French giant G2 Esports, who were the reason for the final elimination of Renegades from the events of the tournament after the defeat of 2-0 and to show strong control and clear on the course of the battle, without a doubt That he will be a strong opponent and the biggest obstacle to the progress of FaZe Clan, which is in fact what we all expect in the final stages of the tournament

We were looking forward to the next game, which put G2 Esports in a competition with Natus Vincere, who hopes to recover after the defeat. The competition started on the Cobblestone map. Aleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev opened the competition by defeating all his opponents and scoring a victory. In the first round of the game for Natus Vincere to make it 5-0.

The G2 Esports defense began to respond to what was going on despite the victory of their opponent by five more rounds respectively, prompting them to demand an off-time to come back strongly and adjust the score difference at 14-12. Kenny “kennyS” Schrub saved his team a lot and always had priority. Individual confrontations against one opponent, and this prevented Natus Vincere from scoring a victory in any other round and the end was 16-12 to G2 Esports.

Natus Vincere picked the following map for Inferno and again Aleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev stole the spotlight with three consecutive murders, which were the starting whistle for a series of uninterrupted victories. However, the French team G2 Esports showed a sudden and strong lead after 11 rounds, Kenny “kennyS” Schrub and Nathan “NBK-” Schmitt from the heart of the scales and scoured their opponents when the score was 12-3 for Natus Vincere, and what happened afterwards was the coolest thing we could see in the renaissance of electronic competitions. The G2 Esports team showed indescribable performance on the side Terrorist group continued to progress slowly and scored victories one after the other in Latt game, but the face of the player Nathan “NBK-” Schmitt last bullet in the face of his opponents to be a stunning finale the game when the sudden result 16-14.

G2 Esports moved into ELEAGUE Premier playoffs immediately after this stunning 2-0 win, and its current squad consists of these players:


 Kenny ‘kennyS’ Schrub
 Nathan ‘NBK-‘ Schmitt
 Richard ‘shox’ Papillon
 Alexandre ‘bodyy’ Pianaro
 Dan ‘apEX’ Madesclaire


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