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Overwatch League spots are being sold for this insane amount of money

Few months back we got our first info on what’s called Overwatch League, Blizzard’s own version of Riot’s LCS. What we didn’t know though was how much money is required to buy a spot in this competition, and now we kinda wish we never asked for it

To get a spot in the competitive, annual league is something that was expected to be expensive, but no way near this expensive. League of Legends, in comparison, asks for $1.8 million dollars for a spot in the LCS.. which is something we thought was expensive at first, but against what’s required for Overwatch, it’s nothing.

Anonymous sources told ESPN that spots are being bought right now for a STARTING price of $20 million dollars. This means that bigger markets like New York and LA will mean even bigger prices reaching several tens of millions.

This makes it no wonder that big teams like Team SoloMid pulled out all together, as not only your organization will be spending $20 million up front, but there’s no guarantees that you’d make any shares money “for the next four years”, that’s 2021 at least.

Overwatch was supposed to start later this year, but now we highly doubt there’ll be enough teams to compete with more teams cancelling the idea altogether. It still remains to be seen however so we’ll wait for official info.

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