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Epic Games makes Middle Eastern servers official with the addition of these modes

Middle East servers’ launch was an event long demanded by local players, and now after a long wait, those servers are now here to allow competitive play on its grounds for Arab players, and the recent addition made by Epic Games is surely the most appropriate gift for Eid al-Adha to the region’s players




We had previously talked about a leak indicating the launch of ME servers, but the launch came sooner than we expected a few days ago with Epic Games answering the biggest demand for the region’s players at last. Although current servers are located in India and offer Ping rates that are not ideal for some Arab countries such as the Levant countries, various options are under way to settle the experience throughout the Arab world.

In celebration of the first step in the region, Epic, via Twitter’s official FortniteME account, revealed that it will not only make Arena mode available on the new servers, but also revealed that all upcoming Fortnite tournaments, starting with Fortnite Champion “FNCS” will be available on the new Middle East servers, giving a fair playoff to the region’s players, who will be able to compete with each other instead of using European and American servers.

The FNCS series is the next step in this year’s Fortnite eSports competitions, kicking off on August 17 giving all players around the world the chance to participate in the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers through the weekly Trios. Each region will have a representative to the season finals on September 20 for the title of champion and prizes worth $10 million.

It is noteworthy that the new update for the game v10.10, available for download now, brings a number of improvements, most notably a slight tweak to the B.R.U.T.E mechanic introduced in Season 10 in response to the demands of the players. The nerf here is adding a target laser that will show the direction of the missiles and a sound to help know where it’s aimed at. The update also fixed bugs that caused the players exploitation of B.Ru.T.E capabilities. Other improvements include some Arena mode bug fixes and an update for the new payment system.


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