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Epic Games offers official support for Middle Eastern players at last

Epic Games has made an important step that many Arab players were waiting for, with an announcement earlier today of official Arabic support in the popular online title Fortnite after a long wait


Fortnite Battle Royale, Save the World, and Creative Mode will fully support Arabic as the season 9 begins, according to the company, which spoke about the importance of the region’s players and their demands. Not only that, you will also be able to communicate fully with Arabic technical support, as well as share your suggestions for improving the game with Epic directly.

“Our Player Support team will be fully prepared to assist in Arabic with account or Fortnite-related issues,” Epic said. “We’ll be listening too—if you have feedback to share our Arabic social media channels will be coming online around this period as well.”

Epic’s decision to add full Arab support comes after a number of Saudi players launched a petition over the internet in January asking the company to add Arab servers to its Battle Royal game. Although these servers have not been added yet, Epic promised that it was coming in the “next few months” and would provide players with the latest updates about the progress of the process.

With the opening of the new Amazon AWS office in Bahrain, Epic’s mission to expand its game in the Arab region has become easier than ever before. It may not take long for us to say goodbye to playing on high-latency European servers, and adding Arabic is an absolutely important and promising step for a bright future for Arab players.

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