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ESIC welcomes five new members to the organization

The Esports Integrity Coalition (ESIC) recently announced the addition of five new members to the organization, helping in solidifying ESIC as a truly global organization dedicated to combating all forms of corruption and cheating in the world of esports.

The new members come from different backgrounds around the globe, and they are:

  • Esports Middle East (ESME) – the first and most advanced dedicated non-profit esports organization in the Middle East and North Africa. ESME translated the ESIC Code into Arabic and will be hosting integrity seminars in the region.
  • NODWIN Gaming – the first company in India to offer complete solutions for companies operating in the gaming and esports sector in India. NODWIN gaming is the emerging premier tournament organiser on the sub-continent with licenses from Valve, ESL, ESWC and others. They runs various properties such as the ESL India Premiership, The Mountain Dew – Dew Arena, the ESWC with Red Bull and The Best of the best series.
  • Mettlestate – a multi-gaming and esports organisation from South Africa and organiser of the first R1,000,000.00 CS:GO tournament.
  • ESP – The number one esports fantasy site on the internet and soon to be releasing their esports betting site.
  • FirstBlood – An esports platform that allows players to challenge each other and win rewards utilizing incorruptible blockchain technology.

“We are delighted to welcome all our new members to the Esports Integrity Coalition. Each one is doing something remarkable in their country or with exciting new technologies and we can’t wait to work with them to continue keeping the world of esports free from corruption, match manipulation, betting fraud and doping.” Esports Integrity Commissioner Ian Smith said.

ESME CEO, Saeed Sharaf described the partnership as important to maintain a “cleaner, more organized future of Esports” in the area, providing players with “the best anti cheating systems and rules to ensure everyone has an equal chance of winning provided they have the required skills to make it“

You can read more details on the ESME/ESIC partnership through the link, and more information of each of ESIC’s new members can be found on their websites reached by clicking on their logos on the ESIC website homepage:

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