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ESL kicks off MENA competitions through CS: GO and DOTA 2 events

The world-renowned esports organization ESL has officially entered the world of competitive gaming in the Arab world, starting next month with two games: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) and Dota 2


ESL, which has organized dozens of international tournaments from the German city of Cologne to Indian Mumbai, has recently revealed that the Arab World has joined the field of its operations to start its local competitions, which will provide the opportunity for Arab players in the MENA region to exercise their passion on the most professional levels thanks to ESL expertise in the field of esports.

Starting with the famous shooting game CS: GO, the CS: GO MENA Challenger Series will be held on June 7 this year in collaboration with Wizzo. The online tournament is scheduled on a weekly basis with 200 Euros to grab, but the most important goal will be to gather the most points to qualify for the upcoming ESL MBC MENA League.

  • Challenges every Saturday
  • Finals with 400 Euro prize
  • 200 Euro prize and points every Saturday

The Dota 2 MENA Challenger Series will also be the same. Teams will compete in a 5on5 weekly challenge starting June 8th through the Internet. Winners will receive 200 Euros every Friday with a final prize of 400 Euros, and points to qualify to ESL MBC MENA League to prove who’s the best Arab team.

  • Challenges every Friday
  • Finals with 400 Euro prize
  • 200 Euro prize and points every Friday

Registration is available to all Arab teams through the following links. Seize your chance now and prove to everyone that you deserve to reach international stardom!

You can follow ESL MENA on twitter for more updates. Good luck everyone!

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