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ESL makes huge changes to overtime matches in ESL Pro League

ESL has announced significant changes in the way extra rounds will be organized for all ESL Pro League matches.
The new amendments include many important things.


The nature of the number of points calculated in these unexpected extra rounds has been adjusted, and we also have some of the changes in the funds in these tours and their value.

There are only four days left to start the next tournament, but they have already announced changes in the points system for additional rounds. The winning team starts with two points instead of three and the losing team has one point rather than one.

The amendments came as a result of criticisms and suggestions from players and professionals at the end of the fifth season of the company’s championship in Dallas, has been activated in the tournament system already.

The organization hopes these changes will avoid the problems of last season’s matches and provide a more fair chance for the teams to compete in extra rounds and reach higher-quality matches than before.

The latest adjustments announced by the company today for ESL Pro League are the amount of money in the game where the teams start with these rounds, and it turns out to be worth 16,000 instead of 10,000.

Not only that but the company confirmed that the number of rounds has been maintained to keep six more rounds maximum limit, with the same division of three rounds in the first half.

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