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Everything you need to know about ESL Pro League season 6

The big international teams agreed at the beginning of August to take a long break for a month from the world of Counter-Strike shooting competition: Global Offensive.


However, the international teams will return to the world of championships starting today with the arrival of the sixth season of the ESL Pro League, according to ESL.

There are many moves and transfers between the teams and their major teams. For example, FaZe, who will soon show us the results of Olof’s “olofmeister” Kajbjer with several players such as Ladislav “GuardiaN” Kovács and others. There is also fnatic with his squad of players such as Maikil “Golden “Selim and Jonas” Lekr0 “Olofsson, accompanied by many teams will prove their existence after several modifications including HellRaisers, GODSENT, mousesports and others.

Here is a list of all the teams participating in the European section of the tournament :


 G2  North
 Astralis  FaZe
 EnVyUs  BIG
 fnatic  GODSENT
 HellRaisers  Heroic
 LDLC  mousesports
 Natus Vincere  NiP

On the other hand, we have the US Cloud9 team, which has high expectations in this tournament, after bringing “Will” RUSH “Wierzba and Tarik” tarik “Celik to its main group, we also have a team Ghost and Rogue have modified their composition while Immortals And OpTic left big question marks as the tournament began.

Here are all the teams participating in North America :

 SK  Cloud9
 Immortals  Liquid
 NRG  Renegades
 Misfits  compLexity
 Ghost  Rogue
 Splyce  Luminosity
 CLG  OpTic

This will start today’s first heavyweight match between FaZe and G2, and here is a table of all current matches for the Europe Division :

 G2 vs.   FaZe
 HellRaisers vs.   Heroic
 FaZe vs.   G2
 Heroic vs.   HellRaisers
 BIG vs.   fnatic
 mousesports vs.   GODSENT
 fnatic vs.   BIG
 GODSENT vs.   mousesports

it was also revealed the scheduling of North America matches as follows :

SK vs.   Liquid
 OpTic vs.   Ghost
 Liquid vs.   SK
 Ghost vs.   OpTic
 CLG vs.   Cloud9
 Splyce vs.   NRG
 Cloud9 vs.   CLG
 NRG vs.   Splyce

The finals of the sixth season of the ESL Pro League will take place on December 5 and 10.

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