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Espérance Sportive de Tunis joins eSports scene through TunESF association

As more and more sports clubs around the world embrace esports competitions, we have seen a number of local Arab clubs such as Al Hilal take similar steps. Now, it seems that Esperance is next



In a new announcement made by the Tunisian Association of Electronic Sports “TunESF” through social media, it was revealed that it has received an official application by Espérance Sportive de Tunis to join, which will be the first official sports association to enter the field of electronic sports and video games in the country.

The application for admission was approved in principle by the association office, where the president of the Tunisian Association of Esports “Ahmed Cheikh Rouho” thanked all the officials of Esperance, especially the president of the association, Mr. “Hamdi Al-Madheb” for their continuous attention to all types of sports and their interest in modern sports such as e-sports.

The president also congratulated the various athletes on the event, hoping other long-established associations such as Esperance Sports Association to join to increase the framing of Tunisian youth and support for the brilliance at the national and international level in various competitions.

The application is the first step for Esperance to enter the world of competitive video games and is expected to sign with FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer players as a first step like other sports clubs that have entered the virtual football arena.

Tunisia is considered one of the most prominent Arab countries in adopting the field of esports, thanks to the great efforts of the players community and its representatives and official government support for e-activities and representatives of the state in foreign competitions.

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