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Esports Integrity Coalition welcomes three new members to help spread its anti-cheating message

Esports Integrity Coalition (ESIC) revealed yesterday that it’s welcoming three new members to its board, growing even more in its pursuit to spread fair play all around the globe


ESIC has revealed in the press release that GEEM, UMG and LVP have joined as members to contribute in achieving integrity and enforce anti-cheating rules in video games tournaments.

  • Geem – digital esports platform based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. GEEM is positioned to provide daily online competitions to the largely untapped, burgeoning esports community in the Middle East.
  • UMG – the rapidly growing esports platform, matchmaker and tournament organiser linking players, of every level, worldwide across a range of games and providing a pathway to pro as well as larger prize money events to aspire to.
  • LVP – the dominant Spanish tournament organiser and gaming platform giving their large and active player base opportunities to compete in League of Legends, CS:GO and Clash
    Royale in their Superliga Orange.

“We are delighted to welcome all our new members to the Esports Integrity Coalition. Each one is doing something remarkable in their country or with exciting new technologies and we can’t wait to work with them to continue keeping the world of esports free from corruption, match manipulation, betting fraud and doping.” Esports Integrity Commissioner Ian Smith said.

Geem Founder, Charles Wright said, “One of our first moves after curating GEEM, before we had even launched our platform or hosted a tournament, was to join ESIC. We have a staunch outlook on creating a credible and safe environment for esports growth in the MENA Region. As we pivot and scale the platform, ESIC’s mission will remain at the core of all our offerings. The Middle East region is one to watch out for!.”

ESIC’s mission is to be the recognised guardian of the sporting integrity of esports and to take responsibility for disruption, prevention, investigation and prosecution of all forms of cheating, including, but not limited to, match manipulation and doping. Learn more at the official website here .

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