DayZ Standalone: Over 2 million copies sold on Steam

DayZ Standalone: Over 2 million copies sold on Steam

One of Steam’s best-sellers ‘DayZ Standalone’ has sold more than 2 million copies so far , Dean Hall the game’s creator spoke on tweeter and said : “Just over 2 years ago the DayZ mod released. Today, the Standalone game just broke 2 million units in under 6 months,”.

DayZ passed 800.00 copies in under one month back in January , making it one of the fastest selling titles on Steam .

‘DayZ Standalone” has been released following the success of a zombie survival online mod for ‘ArmA 2’ called ‘DayZ’ that attracted people from all around the world and is considered one of the most famous Mods for a game ever.

DayZ Standalone is available for you to get on Steam for 29.99$ , have you bought it yet ? share your experience with us ..

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