20 Million PS4 units sold so far according to Sony

20 Million PS4 units sold so far according to Sony

Japanese electronics giant celebrated the milestone of PS4 sales as the console hit over 20 million units sold to customers as of first of March. Sony confirmed it has sold 20.2 PS4 devices up to that date.

Looks like the current-gen Sony console is ahead of its competitor by a considerable amount. We haven’t heard much about Xbox One sales for awhile and the last time it was the number of consoles shipped to stores, not sold. Many chose Sony’s over Microsoft’s for many reasons the most popular of which is “Better Resolution” according to a recent survey. The survey also said that %53 of PlayStation 4 owners were previously Xbox 360 customers.

Playstation 4 is now available worldwide for a starting price of $400. The console was released November 29 2014.

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