After Playstation 4 and Xbox One released, what is China’s preferred console?

After Playstation 4 and Xbox One released, what is China’s preferred console?

PC, that’s the answer. After many months passed on these consoles’ release in the Chinese market, they merely sold 550,000 units combined. That’s a low figure for a country as large as China.

Average Chinese gamer still prefers playing on a PC, be it he’s a fan of “DOTA 2” or “League of Legends”, he simply isn’t interested that much in Sony and Microsoft’s offerings that released later last year. Another reason for the lack of interest in the market would be how few are the games released on these consoles. To release a game in China you have to ask the government for permission first which results in cut or changed content or the game not releasing at all. Add to that, this is the first new consoles China got in a long time.

The PC is, was and will be the go-to platform for games. The increasing attention of youth towards competitive MOBA games resulted in lots of professional players and teams. We even began to see other games releasing a special Chinese free-to-play version of their games like “Call of Duty”, noting how important the growing PC community is in there.

As for the PS4 VS Xbox One, the PlayStation 4 manages to top its rival thanx to the influence of the japanese Anime and Manga pop culture that Sony offers games on its consoles based on.

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