Amazing performance from Virtus Pro in DOTA 2 ESL One Birmingham 2018

ESL One Birmingham 2018, is the first premier DOTA 2 event in the United kingdom., kicked off with group stage games.

The penultimate event of this DOTA 2 Pro Circuit (DPC) season, ESL One Birmingham is a critical event for a handful of teams. Of the twelve teams attending, two have secured a direct invite to The International 8 (TI8), and six teams are still in the hunt.

The action in the first and second day saw even more fan favorites exiting the tournament early, including squads like Vici Gaming and even The International 7 champions Team Liquid. Meanwhile, teams that need a big boost in Pro Circuit points made it safely into the playoff bracket.

Fnatic survived their decider match against Team Spirit, coming back to take the third game after losing the second in just under 21 minutes. Fnatic will face OG in the quarterfinals, for a shot at a top four finish in this tournament.

Group B saw Brazilian team paiN Gaming come out on top in the decider match versus Team Liquid. Though the TI7 champions struck first, paiN Gaming retaliated with incredible force in the next two games. They made great use of Morphling in the second game. This result places them in the quarterfinals, where they will face off against DAC 2018 champions Mineski, who triumphed over LGD Forever Young in the group C decider match.

As for the first place decider group, it was three-time Major winners Virtus Pro who came out on top to virtually no one’s surprise. All things considered, they look poised to win the whole event, and maybe even TI8 should they be able to carry their incredible level of consistency to Vancouver.

The first set of playoff games will kick off at 8am CT, starting with paiN Gaming vs. Mineski. Their series will be followed by OG vs. Fnatic.

The broadcast for all matches will be available on this twitch channel.

Khaled Swaid

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