North American girls rose against the tides in GIRLGAMER Esports Festival 2018

North American girls rose against the tides in GIRLGAMER Esports Festival 2018

The GIRLGAMER Esports Festival 2018 kicked off on 21 July and recently saw the end of their last match to determine the women’s team that raised their Cup.


Four women’s teams took part in the tournament. The most notable team was Unknown fe, who from the start made a brilliant performance against Besiktas and finished the game with a 16-5 lead.

On the other hand, Dignitas fe was victorious at the beginning, but suffered badly in this victory, barely able to get it, in their match against eParadise Angels, where they ended the match very close to the draw 16-14.

Unknown fe kept their high performance in the next and final match of this tournament (the first stage), this time against Dignitas fe. Two maps were played, but the first did not have any difficulty in winning each and moving to the big finals of the tournament.

EParadise Angels replaced their loss in the bottom table of the tournament by defeating Besiktas with a score of 16-13. This led him to wrestle with Dignitas fe on the big finals, which was in favor of the latter team thanks to his hard win at the score 16-14.

The last game brought together Dignitas fe and Unknown fe, and it seems that no matter how hard the win is, it will remain a win. Despite the easy and dominant path of Unknown fe, it did not stop losing to Dignitas fe, which did not enjoy such easy path. With a total score of 2-0.

Dignitas fe received a $ 4687 prize money after being ranked first in GIRLGAMER Esports Festival 2018.

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