Astralis does it again and qualifies to FACEIT Major: London grand finals

The world’s best Danish team was able to prove themselves again in another tournament this year by reaching the grand final of the big FACEIT Major: London after defeating FaZe Clan yesterday and now Team Liquid to secure their place against one final opponent.

The Danes smashed North America’s hopes for the Major title this year after Cloud9 won the ELEAGUE Boston major title a few months ago. Team Liquid, the last of the American continent, could not overcome the power of the Europeans, which was apparent on the Nuke and Mirage maps with great control over the match events.

The first map, Nuke, was from Astralis choice. And indeed, the team proved their full knowledge of the map by getting a 9-6 score advantage in the first half. However, that result was as close as Liquid could reach during the entire match. Astralis achieved a semi-complete dominance until the map ended with a result of 16-8, putting them in a comfortable position during this semi-final.

The next map, Mirage, was more like a bloodbath made by the Danish team. It started with an Ace by Emil “Magisk” Reif to deliver an important message to the opposing team that it would not be easy. Indeed, Team Liquid suffered to gain many rounds on that map, especially after the destruction of the team’s economy with a successful round of pistols in the second half followed by several rounds that brought the score to 16-7 to end the semi-finals ending North American dreams.

With its arrival at the Grand Final, Astralis will be facing against Na’Vi, which saw its best year in a while reaching the semi-final earlier this day against MIBR led by Brazil’s “FalleN”, The game was one-sided in many instances with a notable advantage in both Overpass and especially Dust II.

Na’Vi outperformed their opponent on Overpass thanks to the dazzling T by them, where they managed to widen the gap to finish the map with a 16-10 score despite MIBR’s hard-fought attempts to reach a tie. DUST II was not any better for them, where Na’Vi dominated the first half with a clean 7-0 lead followed by a series of strong rounds with “S1mple” and his teammates to finish the map 16-5 and so the Ukrainian team ensured its place against Astralis in the final.

The final of FACEIT Major: London will be broadcast tomorrow evening, and we may have one of the most challenging matches of the year yet thanks to the passion and hardwork displayed so far by the two teams.

Sam Edge

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