More big names are starting to approach Esports like Disney, HTC and more

More big names are starting to approach Esports like Disney, HTC and more

With the continuous recognition of Esports spreading everywhere, we got to see big companies starting to seriously considering the appeal behind this competitive scene and many hardware manufacturers like Nvidia and more. We’re here to see the new patch of big players who are jumping the ship of this digital activity.

HTC announced that it made a sponsorship contract with three of “League of Legends” pro teams, Cloud 9, Team Solo Mid, and Team Liquid in a new move from the firm to get into the market of this established sport following the shoes of other giants like Samsung.

Turkish Besiktas JK, one of the Middle East’s biggest sports clubs has also added a “League of Legends” team to be in the lineup with the other real sports teams like Football and Basketball.

Not only that, but KeSPA -Korea’s local Esport authority- revealed that e-sports were accepted into 2nd level of the Olymbic Committee, that’s one step closer to be integrated into the Olympic disciplines pool and a great news for anyone involved or interested in the growing of Esports scene.

Last but not least, more news have been circulating about Disney XD’s upcoming show starring the teen sensation who plays “Jessie”, being a gamer himself. Show’s idea will be about a pro video game player who has to quit because of an injury in his thumb and what will happen with him along the way.

2015 is still in its beginnings but we can already see that there are surely some interesting stuff going on for Esport and its activities. Let’s see what’s coming next for us.

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