Black Desert gets a character creator video

Black Desert gets a character creator video

Black Desert is one of the upcoming MMORPG games that has been anticipated for its Amazingly gorgeous graphics which promises that it’ll be one of the best (if not THE best) looking MMO game so far .

A video has been released lately that shows us the splendid character creator and the huge possibilities on how the player could manipulate the looks of his character , it looks great .


We don’t know yet whether or not the content of this video is going to be included in the game or it’s just a devs tool for cinematic purposes , but what we do know is that you’re going to watch something really impressive .

Black Desert is a Korean , Free2Play MMORPG from the developer ‘Pearl Abyss’ , it’s releasing in Korea,Japan and Russia for the PC and could see a leap sometime in the future for the PS4 . An english version is being worked on , but hasn’t been contracted with a publisher yet .. we sure hope that’ll happen soon as we can’t wait until we put our hands on this magnificent art piece .

To watch the video :

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