More “Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare” details revealed

More “Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare” details revealed

Activision has spoken again with more details about the new addition of the famous First Person Shooter franchise , Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare, including some story and gameplay elements.

The game has been in development at “Sledgehammer Games” studios and is considered the first of their making as the main developers, the process took 3 years which is a first for a call of duty game , given how every iteration of the series usually only take months to do , so a 3 years period has no doubt gave Sledgehammer more time to care about the game’s details and use new technologies.

“New core gameplay mechanics with the exoskeleton suit. A riveting new story. An iconic new character played by one of the world’s best actors in Kevin Spacey. We’re having a lot of fun making this game, and we think the world is going to have even more fun playing it.”

As for the story of CoD: Advanced Warfare , it revolves around an advanced soldier of a private military corporation called “Atlas” which has the power to rescue humanity from a “devastated world struggling to rebuild after a global attack on its military and infrastructure.” , the player -being a part of a specialized and highly trained unit- is committed to restore order using the exoskeleton abilities and high-tech gear.
“It’s been a lot of fun working with the team to bring Jonathan Irons to life,” said Kevin Spacey, who’s playing the main villain of the game and “Atlas” corporation head Jonathan Irons. “The technology is truly remarkable and unlike anything I’ve done before. I’m excited to see where this goes.”

The new suit’s ability were talked about too , the exoskeleton will provide new gameplay elements to the series including enhanced player movement , boost jumps , grappling and cloak abilities , it also introduces unparalleled strength , awareness and speed . A selection of vehicles will also be present in the game such as the flying hovercrafts we saw in the past patch of pictures for the game.

“Power Changes Everything” , Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare is coming November 4 for the PC , PS3/4 and the Xbox 360/One , additional content will land on Xbox consoles first when released as usual .

New Screens :

CoD-AW_Advanced-Arsenal CoD-AW_Advanced-Soldier CoD-AW_Advanced-World CoDAW-boxart-nextgen-1 CoDAW-boxart-nextgen-2

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