Cloud9 Just did it finally in League of Legends

Cloud9 Just did it finally in League of Legends

Cloud9 will be NA LCS No. 3 seed at Worlds 2017 in China after the team Defeated CLG in the Regional Qualifier finals.



The ending to the 2017 NA LCS Summer Split was a bit anti-climactic. Sure, TSM winning their third title was a huge achievement. But both TSM and Immortals had already qualified for Worlds on Championship Points.

Good thing North America has three Worlds seeds then, because this weekend’s promotion tournament was simply incredible. FlyQuest came out of nowhere to shock Team Dignitas, before falling to CLG yesterday. CLG vs. Cloud9 for the last NA Worlds spot was anticipated to be a great series. Both of these teams expect to be at Worlds every year.

With the stakes as high as they’ve been all year, the two teams delivered. Sunday’s match between CLG and Cloud9 was the best match of the summer.

For the sake of brevity, we encourage you to go back and watch all the games, because they were that good. Cloud9 defeated CLG 3-1 to close the series and take the last NA Worlds spot.

C9 will be elated at this chance at Worlds and keeping their season alive. And while CLG are surely bitterly disappointed, they should hold their heads high. This was a hell of a game. They gave their fans every bit of excitement to cheer for.

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