Cortana is coming to Windows 10 new browser ” Spartan”

Cortana is coming to Windows 10 new browser ” Spartan”

Leaks revealed that one of the new features of Windows 10’s replacement of Internet Explorer, code named “Spartan”, is the inclusion of an all-new searching service…Halo’s Cortana.

We saw the Halo-series AI making its debut on Microsoft’s Windows Phone before as a reply to Apple’s Siri, where you can ask her about Airports, hotels and more in the same fashion. What’s new here however is that Cortana will replace the default search engine Bing completely, and you can use her right from the address bar.

Other leaks said that the “Spartan” browser’s design is going to be simplistic yet powerful, with a look similar to Google Chrome to some extent but with features never seen before.

We’ll have to wait for Microsoft’s Windows 10 event that takes place January 21 to have more info. As well as what Microsoft has planed for PC gamers having promised some treats for the gaming community.

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