Counter-Strike chickens start controversy regarding their placement in competitive gaming

Counter-Strike chickens start controversy regarding their placement in competitive gaming

Whether you were someone who watches competitive gaming regularly, especially Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, or not. It’s not hard to notice that in any competition there needs to be the highest level of focus and precision to provide fair play. Apparently, CS: GO’s chickens might be in the way of that happening sometimes


During an important round against SK Gaming, Mousesports only needed to win that one round to qualify to the next stage of ESG Tour Mykonos $235,000 tournament with 15 round wins to 14. The loser would have to go through a Best-of-three match to avoid elimination, so the match was kind of important. However, when SK Gaming managed to win that round and continue to dominate for the extra four later on, one event in particular seemed to have changed the destiny of this encounter more than anything else.

SK was on the comeback and was pushing ‘banana’ towards the B site aggressively.

To stop their progression from continuing to the B site, STYKO threw a smoke grenade with the aim of blocking the Brazilian’s vision and halting their advance. The smoke bounced off a wall and as it was heading towards the desired spot, a chicken walked into its path to be hit by it causing it to explode in a feathers, with the smoke bouncing short of its target. This left a gap on the edge of the smoke, which resulted in SK not obstructed from B.

This has caused a discussion over at Reddit regarding chickens and their place in the competitive aspect of CS:GO. Chickens randomly walk around some of the maps in the game and they have been known to block views and distract players with their clucking and their mini feather explosions.

Until Valve addresses this issue, we’ll have to be more careful about these feathered beasts. So keep an eye out!

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